Kukiat's Garden, a private home
and peaceful secluded flowering tree
garden surrounded by approximately 500
rais (200 acres) of farm land in Patumthani
province directly north of Bangkok,
Thailand.  The place is situated on the
fertile central plain of Thailand, where
water is abundant and the weather is warm
and humid with plenty of sunshine almost
all year-round.

The majority of plants grown in the garden
are tropical trees like Cassias, Plumerias,
Magnolias, Bauhinias, and some other
fragrant & flowering trees.  A few species
of Jacarandas, Tabebuias, Saracas,
Browneas, Gardenias, Mitrephoras,
Lagerstroemias, and Radermacheras are
also a part of our collection.  
nobilis and Magnolia thailandica
among the rare flowering trees grown in
Lush green paddy beyond the flowering tree garden
Welcome to......
the garden.  Perennial vines and climbers -- e.g., Bauhinia sirindhorniae, Bauhinia  
ferruginea and Bauhinia kockiana -- are planted along the garden fence.
To view the pictures of the flowering trees grown in the garden, please use the
Plumerias"  and "Flowering Trees" tabs on the left.
The private home and tropical flowering tree garden
Kukiat's Garden
Several acres of land are filled with
hundreds of cultivars of plumerias from
around the world, and our outstanding
new plumerias from selected seedlings
originated within the garden

Our tropical fruit orchards are located
mainly in the ultra-tropical area of
southern Thailand, where the fruit trees
-- such as coconut, durian, longkong, and
-- thrive.
Kukiat's garden, October, 2011
Kukiat's garden, May, 2009
Cassias are used as shade trees along
the street line and serve as windbreaks
for the other trees and oil palm
plantation.  It is breathtaking when the
Cassias are in full bloom.  Shady areas
under Cassia trees also provide
excellent conditions for understory
ornamental palms.  Beyond the
flowering tree garden is our rice paddy
stretching westward for over a